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THREE UPCOMING OPPORTUNITIES TO PRACTICES.  1/7/17 Baresole Yoga Carlisle, MA; 1/21/17 Yoga 101 Dartmouth, MA; 1/22/17 RevolutionYoga Acton, MA please read through the whole page

                Heartsongs© - what your heart really wants and the energy of intention

BareSole Yoga   Saturday January 7, 2017

9:00am-12pm $40

The New Year is often a time of imagining how we want our life to be different and then recommitting to that

 through resolutions.   In this way using intention is thought of as a way to ramp up will power and create

 what we think we want; what we think we will make us happy.  In this workshop instead of using intention to

 get more, we will allow it to guide us to the understanding that we are already enough and from that

 understanding we can naturally allow the life we want to flow through us.  

IRESTâ„¢ (or Integrative Restoration Yoga Nidra), is a scientifically studied meditation practice that the body

 perceives as deep relaxation.  It has been shown to be helpful for PTSD, anxiety, depression, insomnia and

 other situations that undermine the quality of our lives. The practice of IREST allows us to heal through

 direct experience of our truest essence by teaching us to welcome every thought, feeling, emotion and 

belief as embodied sensation.  As we practice this, we are able to release our identification with that which is temporary and rest in what consistently remains.  Clients are lying down in a restful position throughout the experience while the instructor guides them through the experience.

Mudras are gestures of the eyes, body and/or hands.  In this workshop we will be utilizing hand mudra and

 other meditation practices ending with a deep, yoga nidra relaxation and ayurvedic pichu (ayurvedic oil and

 a warm cloth placed on the forehead during relaxation).   This workshop is a great introduction to these

 practices.  Please bring a mat, blanket and pillow.  No previous experience is necessary.  

Visit to register.

Finding Peace - a "stay-cation"

Yoga 101 Dartmouth, Ma Saturday January 21, 2017 10am-12pm $25 pre-registered

Revolution Yoga Acton, MA Sunday January 22, 2017 6:30-8:30pm  $35 pre-registered

Being able to remain in a peaceful, calm state, regardless of what drama or turmoil is going on around you, is 

the most important step that you can take to honor yourself and create the

 life you want.  Our, often unknown, responses can lead to difficulty sleeping, low level anxiety, or just a 

sense that there should be more to life than there seems to be.  This class is all about slowing down and 

learning how to come back home to your 'essential being-ness'; that place inside of you where you can

experience safety, relaxation, peace and a sense of being enough.

Utilizing the tools of mudra, meditation, breathing practices and deep IREST yoga nidra relaxation with


Ayurvedic pichu (ayurvedic oil and a warm cloth placed on the forehead), we will relax the body, soothe the 

mind and lean back into the natural peace of essential being-ness.  No previous experience needed.

This is the ultimate way to recharge your batteries, rejuvenate and be the change you wish to see in the 

world.  Please bring a blanket, mat and pillow.

to register at Yoga 101 Dartmouth, email laura or call the studio 508 207-0452

to register at Revolution Yoga Acton, visit register for 1/22/17 workshop in Acton or call 978 274-5596