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Coming soon.  Hand knotted malas.  I hand make each one in a meditative environment and with love.  I then place the finished products into my "Leo" singing bowl and we "play" together.  

I string each mala with one of the best nylon cording on the market.  It is made in Germany and is very strong so that you can use your mala for regular meditation practice without fear of breaking it.  I also make them beautiful so that you can wear as jewelry either around your neck or to wrap on your wrist.  Look great while receiving the energetic qualities of the stones.

I will be launching this very soon with just a couple of malas at an introductory price of $65, so stay tuned to scoop up one of these great deals.  After that, they will be $108.  I am also happy to co-create a custom piece for you.  Custom work begins at $108 and may go up depending on what gemstones and pendants you choose.

I have found mala has become an essential tool in my own well being and meditation practice.  Wearing one gives me a 'touchstone', a beautiful reminder to come back to my own essential being-ness when I'm out and about in a busy world.  Making them brings me joy.  I hope to bring that joy to you also.